Our professional technicians provide a full upholstery cleaning service to revitalize and extend the life of your sofas, armchairs, mattresses and other fabrics. Concord Carpet Cleaning ensures you get the best cleaning results at competitive prices. Call us right now on 704-960-1575 to find out how our expert upholstery cleaners can transform your home.

Your couch, whether t be suede or leather, gets the best cleaning from our expert team. They will use dry or steam cleaning systems to clean the most stubborn of stains and ground in dirt. Steam treatment uses high pressure steam for thorough cleaning while dry treatment is available as an effective, safe way to clean delicate fabrics. Our sofa cleaning service can renew and extend the life of your valuable furnishings.

Our experienced technicians will inspect your upholstery and provide the appropriate cleaning method. They take into account stains as well as the fiber structure and texture. All of our furniture cleaners have been trained extensively in mattress sanitation, armchair and sofa cleaning so you can rest assured that your domestic furnishing is in the best hands.